Pediatric Success

With the Gonstead Technique of assessing and gently adjusting the spine, we are happy to say parents who’ve brought their children to our office report much success! The power of the human body is amazing.  Dr. Katie Sam takes great care to use a gentle touch and a kind heart when caring for children of all ages, including her own child!  At Waukesha Family Chiropractic we know that specific care and quick results are your priority. We strive to get your child cared for the same day.  We’re humbled that many of our current patients call us first, using chiropractic as primary care for their whole family!

Chiropractic Care for the Newborn

Care for the newborn is common in our office, as we’ve cared for infants as young as a few hours old!  Why do newborns need to be checked?  We are all born with a spine, protecting the spinal cord which send vital messages from the brain out to the organs for proper function. This is the same process that takes place no matter what age you are.  Dr. Katie's goal is to ensure there is no misalignment that would interfere with the message the brain is trying to send to various parts of the body.  A newborns nervous system is precious and still developing, requiring only the slightest misalignment to cause symptoms.  Parents who bring their babies to our office for chiropractic care have reported:

                 Decreased colic pain and crying
                 More comfort during breastfeeding (increase in proper mouth mechanics for babe)
                 Decrease in constipation and gas pains
                 Better sleep patterns, increase in consolidated sleep patterns
                 Resolved torticollis (abnormal, stiff neck or head position)
                 Resolved hip dysplasia upon medical assessment


Chiropractic Care for Toddlers & Children

Care for toddlers and children is essential to ensure that their first steps are healthy and prevent complications from their first falls!  Dr. Katie regularly checks children of all ages, including her own son! The good news is that children usually respond very quickly to the specific adjustments Dr. Katie gives.  There are times when, after children are assessed, they are sent away with no adjustment.  The previous adjustment has them well on their way to a healthy future!  Parents who bring their children to our office for care have reported:

                  Better sleep habit, including increased ease of falling asleep
                  Decreased infections, such as ear infections and sore throats
                  Natural management of high fevers
                  Decreased antibiotic usage and medical doctor appointments
                  Help with bedwetting
                  Decreased constipation and abdominal pain
                  Decrease in allergy symptoms, including decrease in allergy medication
                  Increase in respiratory function, including decrease in Asthma symptoms and Inhaler usage


Chiropractic Care for Growing Children

Care for your children who are growing up and becoming active in extra-curricular activities is essential to maintaining overall health. Chiropractic benefits are far-reaching, and include digestive help, immune support, decrease in menstrual pain and associated symptoms, musculoskeletal health for the athletic child, headache prevention, mental clarity, allergy help and more.  If your situation seems unique, please set up a consultation with Dr. Katie Sam who can explain how Gonstead Chiropractic care can help your specific needs.

Have a specific question about your child’s condition? Call us at 262-521-0028.