Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA -Doctorate of Chiropractic, 2006
Internship at Goble Heal Chiropractic, Winamac, IN
Undergraduate Studies, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 2001
Catholic Memorial High School, Waukesha, WI 1997

Post Graduate:
Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic – 34 Seminars
Nutritional Counseling Certificate, 2010

Member of Waukesha Chamber of Commerce, 2015

Member of Kiwanis, 2013

Board Member- Jr. Crusaders Basketball, 2015

Assistant Coach to CMH girls varsity basketball team, 2015

Fun Stuff

What do I like most about my specialty?  Seeing  how the body has the ability to heal itself without invasive drugs or surgery. I continue to be amazed at the ability and complexity of the human body.

If I weren’t a DC, what would I be?  If I weren’t a DC I would probably be a midwife.  Birth is a very natural and amazing process when there is no interference.  I was blessed to birth my son at home as well as attend several other home births-  it was a wonderful experience.

What do I find most rewarding about working with patients?  The most rewarding for me is seeing patients get the big idea about  how their body truly functions.  When they realize true health and wellness does not come in a pill or bottle.  Nature needs no help, just no interference!

Favorite pastime or hobby: Spending time with my family. I enjoy participating in church functions as well as events in the community.  I am passionate about making the community aware of the importance of blood and organ donation as my son was given a second chance of life with a liver transplant .

What does it mean to me to be a Chiropractor?  I feel very privileged to be able to care for people with a natural form of health care.  To be able to see the results I witness on a daily basis is nothing short of a miracle.

We are happy to serve people from Waukesha, Mukwonago, Eagle, New Berlin, Brookfield, West Allis, Milwaukee and all of Southeast Wisconsin.

The Best Results for your Health

Meet the Doctor

Gonstead Method

Dr. C. S. Gonstead (1898-1978) was the "Miracle Man" of Chiropractic. His technique became the Hall Mark for the entire profession.  With a background in mechanical engineering, he saw the human spine as an intricate engineering wonder and he studied it every chance he had.  His work with thousands of spinal cases, his constant clinical studies of the spine, and his own innate knowledge of how the spine works, explains his ingenuity in finding, identifying and correcting subluxations no one else could.

The Gonstead System gives rise to a specific, definite approach, to every segment of the spinal column.  The detailed analysis includes instrumentation, digital palpation, motion palpation, visualization, x-ray followed by adjusting the articulations of the spine by hand only!

Dr. Katie Sam uses the Gonstead technique exclusively in this practice.  There is a clinical logic to every decision that is made for each and every patient.

The Best Results for your Health

Why Do Patients (and why should you) See Us?

Patients may initially seek care at our office from hearing our current patients share the results they’ve had or due to a new or persistent pain that they’ve “tried everything else” to get rid of.  Many times that means taking medication repeatedly which masks the pain or seek other treatments that temporarily relieve some soreness.  At Waukesha Family Chiropractic we offer a natural, honest fix to the underlying problem that is  a spinal or joint misalignment irritating the disc and putting pressure on nearby nerves.

How is that possible?

Through the use of the Gonstead Technique, the doctor carefully analyses your spine for the root of your problem and specifically adjusts only the vertebrae of your spine that need corrected.  The purpose of the specific Gonstead adjustment is to achieve proper spinal bone placement, relieving irritation to surrounding nerves and restoring health and mobility of the adjacent vertebral discs.  Symptoms resolve and you experience true health!

Why do Patients Stay With Us?

The patients that initially come to our office for pain relief are the most amazed to see other daily symptoms disappear, finding out that chiropractic care is for more than just back pain!  Every function of your body takes place because of a message from your brain traveling down your spinal cord, out the spinal nerves and to specific tissues and organs in your body.  When a vertebra is out of alignment, this causes irritation to the adjacent nerves carrying your vital brain messages!  Like a kink in a hose, the message does not fully transmit to the organ or tissue it innervates.  That’s like operating at 0-50% all day!  You then feel specific pain or symptoms like indigestion, high blood pressure or allergies, to name a few.  What’s worse is that it often takes weeks or months of having a subluxation (misalignment) to experience any symptoms at all!

What To Do?

Contact us! Being checked for proper alignment and nerve health, like brushing your teeth or routine eye exams, is the best recipe for the entire family for true health! Come see for yourself.  A consultation with Dr. Katie Sam is always free!