7.20.15          Chiropractic for Athletes

        As a chiropractor I consider the holistic relationship between all the body systems.  Likewise, athletes rely on the strength of their bones and muscles, the endurance of their respiratory system, the speed of their reflexes and the efficiency of their cardiovascular system to keep them in top shape during the season.  Chiropractic care addresses all of the areas required for elite athletes through an integrated approach that recognizes the connection of the body systems.

       Injuries in sports are common; stress injuries in particular are everyday affairs.  When a player relies on pain killers to treat pain, they runs the risk of exacerbating their injury because they are only addressing the symptoms rather than the injury itself.  Chiropractic  provides pain management as well as treatment for the injury.  

      Though much of chiropractic care focuses on joints and muscles, chiropractic also helps the nervous system.  The nervous system interacts with the musculoskeletal system during the reflex actions required for elite athletes.  Proper alignment promotes the flow of nerve messages and oxygenated blood throughout the entire body. 

       Don't wait for injuries to happen.  Chiropractic care can help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.  Call Waukesha Family Chiropractic today! 262.521.0028


       Which set of bones is more important? 

Taking care of your teeth is important for overall health.  We have been conditioned to visit our dentist at least two times a year for a cleaning and overall maintenance, but why don't we take care of our spines like we do our teeth?

Our spine houses the vital nerves that control everything in our body so it is crucial to make sure we take care of our spines and get regular check ups.

If  you wore your spine on your face would you take better care of it?

7.28.15             Nervous System



Be Kind to Your Spine

According to the Global Burden of Disease 2010, low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide.

It’s no surprise that heavy backpacks are some of the culprits when it comes to back pain. Postural changes, as well as pain and red marks left on the skin are some of the signs your backpack may be too heavy.

Be sure the backpack has a waist strap to take the weight off the back and multiple compartments to help distribute weight evenly.

Rule of thumb – your filled backpack should weigh no more than 15% of your body weight.

Treat your spine right and lighten your load by selecting the right backpack. Your back will thank you.






 How come some people go from one cold to the next, getting all the bugs that “go around” and others don’t?

It was this very question that prompted D. D. Palmer back in 1895 to pursue what we call chiropractic!

We meet a lot of people who are fearful of germs. But germs are a lot like seeds. Ever try to plant a garden without seeds?

It doesn’t just happen. The conditions have to be just right! Same with germs manifesting into disease.

A common factor is a depressed immune system, and your nervous system affects the function of your immune system.

Weakened by a compromised nervous system, your stomach, lungs, nose, ears and throat become the perfect “soil” for viruses, microbes and other bugs.

Restoring the integrity of the nervous system is what chiropractic does. It’s a simple idea that helps our patients enjoy better health, naturally.

Chiropractic is so much more than neck pain, back pain, headaches and sciatica.  Everything in our body is controlled by our nervous system and as a specific Gonstead Chiropractor, I find exactly which bone is putting pressure on a nerve.  By adjusting that bone back into position the pressure on that nerve is decreaed or released and that nerve will function better, thus creating better health and decreased symptoms.

7.13.2015                                                         5 Ways to Benefit from Chiropractic Care

                                                                                                                   Which is best for you?

Relief Care:  Many people begin here.  Pain is what typically causes people to begin chiropractic care.  If you stop care as soon as you feel better, you’ll invite a relapse.  Muscles and soft tissues do most of their healing after symptoms disappear.

Corrective Care:  With their major symptoms reduced, many of our patients will choose to continue their care.  This helps to stabilize and strengthen their spine while  promoting lasting changes and less chance of a relapse.

Maintenance Care:  Just like brushing or flossing your teeth to prevent cavities, regular chiropractic care helps maintain your progress to avoid symptoms from coming back.  The number of visits you need is based on your age, condition and the stresses in your life.

Preventative Care:  Periodic chiropractic checkups can help catch new problems early, as well as prevent new problems from occurring.  This can decrease inconvenient flare-ups.  Those who value their health often take this proactive approach.

Wellness Care:  Everything in our body is controlled by our nervous system.   That’s why optimizing our nervous system is the key to becoming all that we can be and living life to the fullest.